Outreach in Tonga: Part Two

Jun 13, 2018 | Uncategorised

Mr David Morgan recently visited Tonga where he helped members of the local community by performing some much-needed surgical procedures. The trip proved to be a great success, as Mr Morgan was able to help a number of patients, including those who had been injured by a recent cyclone, as well as children suffering from congenital deformities.

Taking skills where they are needed

A fully qualified specialist plastic surgeon based in Melbourne, Mr David Morgan is involved in all aspects of the management of acute facial trauma, the correction of secondary facial deformities, and the ongoing management of congenital craniofacial deformities. At his private practice, he takes special interest in the management of skin cancer and melanoma, minor hand surgery, breast surgery, and cosmetic facial surgery.

With this considerable experience, Mr Morgan took his passion for surgical education and mentoring, as well as a desire for further knowledge, and travelled to Tonga with a team of surgeons, anaesthetists, and nurses, to help those in need.

Mr David Morgan operates with a local surgical team in Tonga

In Tonga, Mr Morgan worked with the local healthcare team and provided surgical services to members of the local community. Shortly before his trip, a cyclone hit the island, and Mr Morgan was able to assist people affected by the storm. For more about this work, have a look at Outreach in Tonga: Part One

A unique case

One of the patients Mr Morgan assisted on his travels was a child with a congenital hand deformity. The child had an extra finger on one of their hands — this kind of hand deformity can become a challenge for a child as they grow, and can cause issues as a child learns to use his or her hands for day-to-day activities. Fortunately, Mr Morgan was able to successfully correct the deformity.

A patient with a congenital hand deformity in the form of an extra finger

If you’re interested in staying up to date with more of Mr David Morgan’s news, please browse his blog. It’s updated often with the latest information about the cosmetic industry and the treatments Mr Morgan provides.