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Removal Of Cancerous Spots Brighton Melbourne

Minor skin spots can be removed with a laser which can leave virtually no scarring

Non-cancerous spots

Many people have spots on their skin, particularly on their face, that they have concerns about. These spots or blemishes are usually not cancerous but may be causing concern because of their appearance, because they interfere with clothing, jewellery, or shaving, or because there is a fear of them becoming cancerous. At our Melbourne practice, we can assess your skin and any spots that are of concern to determine what they are and if cancer is presenting itself.

What we can do about your non-cancerous spots

If there are any concerns of cancer or concerns about the aesthetic appearance of spots, our cosmetic professionals can remove your unwanted skin spots. This can usually be performed under local anaesthetic in our practice. It is important to remember that a small scar will always remain in its place and will usually be much less noticeable than the original spot. This will be discussed with you prior to proceeding with your treatment. Some thin spots can be removed with a laser, which can leave virtually no scarring.

Non-Cancerous Spot Removal Melbourne

During your consultation Mr David Morgan can discuss which form of treatment is best for you.