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Correction of droopy breasts can be achieved by filling the breasts back up again with implants, surgically lifting the breast tissue, or a combination of both.

What is breast lift surgery?

Most commonly due to a combination of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the effects of gravity, some women’s breasts will drop from their original position on the front of the chest. Although the volume may remain sufficient, without the support of a good bra the shape of the breast is often disappointing and can lead to a lack of confidence, especially when it comes to wearing swimwear. Many women will also complain of a lack of volume. Specialist plastic surgeon Mr David Morgan can surgically lift your breasts back to their desired position.

Correction of droopy breasts is referred to as a mastopexy (breast lift), and can be achieved by simply filling the breast back up again with implants, surgically lifting the breast tissue, or a combination of both. All of these procedures will result in some scarring on the breasts, but the extent will depend upon your particular circumstance and what you wish to achieve.

What are the benefits of this procedure?

For those women whose breasts were full but droopy, relying less on a bra to perform the ‘heavy lifting’ can greatly increase the comfort of bra wear and reduce the associated symptoms of poor posture, neck and back pain, and strap marks. In those with previously empty breasts (especially after breastfeeding), the increased fullness eliminates the need for inserts or padded bras and is more fully appreciated in swimwear and summer clothing. It can also help return a feeling of femininity and self-esteem that may have been lost.

Is Mr Morgan experienced in the breast lift procedure?

Mr David Morgan has had many years of experience in performing breast lift procedures. At your consultation, Mr Morgan will be able to show you before and after photos of our patients in order to show you some of the successful results we have had here at our Melbourne practice.

How is it performed?

All types of breast lift surgery result in some form of relatively minor scarring. The extent and placement of these scars will be determined on an individual basis, depending on the amount of lift required, and the current quality of the skin and breast tissue. This will all be discussed with you at your initial consultation.

Breast lift surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and can require a day stay or overnight hospital stay. The wounds are all closed with dissolving sutures and are covered with waterproof dressings, allowing you to shower as soon as you feel comfortable. You will be asked to wear a soft surgical bra for support and comfort during the first two weeks to allow your breast to heal properly in their new shape after your breast lift, and you should avoid heavy lifting for the first 6 weeks.

How long will I need to recover after breast lift surgery?

Everyone will experience anaesthetic and recover from an operation differently. Although uncommon, complications can also occur and can result in a longer recovery time.

A post-surgical bra will need to be worn day and night for at least 2 weeks post-operatively to provide support for the healing breast and to maintain a natural shape. Light activity is encouraged as soon as possible, and many women will return to work within two to three weeks. Stronger physical activity should be limited for 6 weeks.

Who should/should not consider breast lift surgery?

The best results are often achieved in those who have a clearly defined concern and realistic expectations about what surgery can achieve. In situations where this is not the case, the outcome from surgery may potentially be disappointing. You should not consider this type of surgery as a response to a personal or professional crisis, or under the encouragement of anyone other than yourself. Any decision to undergo surgery should be made for the right reasons.

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All surgery entails an element of risk, and you should not make any decision regarding surgery at a time of stress. Being healthy and happy with your decision can increase the chances of achieving a result that you are pleased with. Smoking, a number of other medical conditions, and being overweight can make surgery unsafe. These, as well as any other risks, will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation.

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