Step two: Breast implant options

Feb 19, 2016 | Breast Surgery

Getting breast implants is a big deal. Not only do you change physically, but you go on an emotional journey as well, so be prepared to make some important decisions. Your health, happiness and peace of mind are our top priority. You’re not doing this alone.

What are the options to consider when getting breast implants?

Once you’ve made the choice to get breast implants (also known as augmentation mammoplasty), there are a few things for you and your plastic surgeon to determine. Some of these include:

  • The type of breast implant that suits you
  • The size, shape and projection you’re after
  • Whether the implant will be placed on top of or underneath the muscle
  • Where on your body the incision will be made (scar placement)

Mr David Morgan will assist you at every stage to make an educated decision about what is the best way to achieve your desired outcome.

Types of breast implants

step-2-imageThe outer coating of breast implants in general is silicone, but you have a choice between saline and silicone for the implant filling.

The concern with breast implants in the past has been the possible rupture and leakage of the filling into the body. These days, the silicone-filled implants are a lot safer as the outer shell is much stronger and the gel is semi-solid. Even if the implant ruptures, there would be no harm to your body. Silicone-filled implants often look and feel more natural (and retain their shape better) than those filled with saline.

Saline is salt water, and the implant filling is a medical grade saline solution. In the unlikely event that the implant ruptures and leaks, there is no health risk as the solution is safely absorbed by your body. Saline-filled implants tend to feel more firm than your natural breasts, but can take on a ripple effect if they lose their shape. This can often be visible if you lean forward which can cause your implants to look obvious. Despite these downsides, many women prefer the saline implants as the filling is more organic than the silicone gel.

Size, shape and projection

The size of the breast implants you select will determine how natural the end result will be. The size of your body and its proportions are important factors, as if the implants are too large you may end up looking unnaturally top-heavy and may experience back and neck pain from the added weight. On the other hand, implants that are too small may not be noticeable enough. During your consultation, Mr Morgan will measure your breasts and your body to establish the limits for implant size, so that your desired outcome will be achieved.

‘Round’ and ‘teardrop’ are the two main implant shapes, and they give slightly different results. The teardrop-shaped implant has a flat base and fullness to the bottom curve, with a shape similar to your natural breast. In rare cases, the implant may rotate while in the breast, causing a distorted look. The round implant also has a flat base and is designed for greater projection from the body. There is even distribution of the filling and less chance of a distortion in the shape; however the overall look is less natural than the teardrop option.

In terms of projection, there are 4 choices:

  • Lower projection: Giving a very natural result, this option is best for women who are broad across the chest and wish to fill the breasts rather than project them.
  • Moderate projection: With moderate volume evenly distributed around the entire implant, this option provides the balance between fullness and projection.
  • Complete projection: This option achieves fullness and volume of the upper pole of the breast above the nipple, and is the most often requested implant profile.
  • Extra full projection: For those seeking a dramatic result this option is best, as the implant is of a higher volume with a narrower base.

Mr Morgan will discuss with you the effect you are trying to achieve, and will design the implants around what you prefer and what is suited to your measurements. When it comes down to it, it’s your body, and you will have the final say.