The modern ‘Man Brand’ becoming a must in professional environments

Sep 5, 2014 | Cosmetic Surgery, Face and Nose

The modern business man of 2014 is suave, suited, clean cut and well groomed- and it’s not just the professionals seeking this look, the ‘Man Brand’ phenomenon is becoming a standard in the way men present themselves.

From White Collar’s leading man, Neal Caffrey, flashing his strong jaw and flawless skin to the Suits central character Harvey Specter rocking Armani with his meticulous haircut and distinguished look – professional men today often feel obligated to look a certain way. Here at Renew Plastic Surgery in Brighton we have watched the emergence of men seeking cosmetic surgery to fit the mould of the modern successful businessman.

What is the ‘man brand’?

The ‘man brand’ is a term that was used recently in Forbes magazine to describe what popular media used to call the ‘metrosexual’ man. The man brand is all inclusive – it includes the suit, the hair the body and the face – and today the modern businessman encapsulates all of that – the man brand.

Plastic surgery isn’t going to land you a job

If it were that easy everyone would get a nip and a tuck before an interview. The truth is no employer would ever admit to hiring a particular candidate based on appearance alone. However, what we can admit is that appearance and attraction is a human condition and perhaps the difference between two equally suited potential employees. Statistics from the Council on Weight and Size Discrimination indicate that workers who are heavier than average are paid approximately $1.25 less an hour. Studies also reveal that weight isn’t the only physical trait that can impact earnings. According to research developed by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, workers with below-average looks tend to earn an average of 9% less per hour than above-average looking workers.

Just because you choose to smooth your lines or remove some excess fat doesn’t mean you will land your dream job over someone who chose not to. Sometimes people are more suited for a position, despite their appearance. However, showing up to an interview, well dressed, well groomed and confident with yourself can certainly get you started on the right foot.

It’s about achieving natural results to enhance your look

Not all men age like George Clooney – the truth is the ‘distinguished’ look only suits some men, and for the rest, their creases and lines can look tired and worn out. The number of men receiving anti-wrinkle injections increased by 25% from 2011-2013. Wrinkle relaxants and dermal fillers are simple, non-invasive ways to reduce the signs of ageing on your skin. Here at Renew Plastic Surgery we pride ourselves on providing natural looks for our patients.

Addressing excess male breast tissue

Tissue in the chest can become enlarged to give the impression of a developing male breast. Some men can feel self-conscious about the appearance of this excess tissue. This tissue can be removed in a male breast reduction.

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Competition is fierce

Figures from the 2011 census show a 25% jump of tertiary study since 2006, with 932,000 people studying at Australian universities. With so many well educated young men graduating with tertiary degrees and entering the workforce, employment competition grows. Melbourne is competing to be the highest populated city in Australia and so the competition for a position in a professional environment is strong. For men looking to enhance their body or face, a consultation with Mr David Morgan may be the solution for you. A tweak here and there might be the confidence booster you need in your next interview or to help redefine your look after maintaining the same position.