Post Traumatic Deformities

Post Traumatic Deformities Brighton Melbourne

Scars can often be improved, revised or re-aligned in order to make them less noticeable.

After an injury, we all hope that our appearance remains affected as little as possible.  Unfortunately, some people may be left with an appearance that is not entirely satisfactory to them. Plastic surgeons have many tools and techniques at their disposal that can be used in order to try and improve these results.

Melbourne-based specialist plastic surgeon Mr David Morgan can often improve or revise scars, or re-align them in order to make them less noticeable.  Abnormalities of the skin and underlying tissues may also be improved by injecting fat or other materials into areas of depression, or by performing liposuction on prominent areas.  Bone abnormalities may require a bone graft or tailor-made implant to attain a more pleasing appearance.

Mr Morgan has specialist overseas training in dealing with the residual effects of trauma, particularly in the area of the face and the underlying facial bones, and will give you a thorough and honest assessment of your concerns. Mr Morgan will discuss your individual situation with you, and give you a realistic impression of what can be achieved.

Potential causes of post-traumatic deformities

Post traumatic-deformities can be caused from a number of reasons and during your consultation with Dr Morgan and his team will establish the reason for your concerns and the best treatment to correct the problem. Some common causes of post-traumatic deformities include, but are not limited to:

  • A fracture type that was not correctly diagnosed (stable/unstable fracture) or overlooked
  • The surgical method used was not suited to the specific fracture type
  • A postoperative local infection may prevent proper healing of the fracture

Post traumatic deformities repair Melbourne

During your initial consultation we will compassionately discuss any post traumatic concerns you may have and tailor a treatment plan for you.