Facial Fractures

Facial Fractures Surgery Brighton Melbourne

A severe blow to the face can result in a fracture of a facial bone, with or without injury to the overlying tissues.

Mr David Morgan has undertaken specialist overseas training in dealing with complex trauma injuries and is in charge of the department responsible for treating these particular injuries at the Alfred Hospital, Melbourne’s busiest trauma centre.

The most common types of fractures encountered are those involving the nasal bones or the cheekbones.  Occasionally the bones of the orbit, the upper or lower jaw, or the forehead can also be affected.  These fractures are usually the result of a motor vehicle accident, assault, or a sporting injury.

Fractures of these bones can result in a significant alteration to your appearance if they are not treated adequately.  Surgery to correct a fracture of the face will usually take place within two weeks of the injury – enough time to allow the swelling to go down and enable an accurate assessment of the injury, but also before the bones begin to heal in the wrong position.

This type of surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, and is usually a day procedure.  Sometimes the bones can be returned to their correct position without making an incision on the skin, but most commonly several small, carefully placed incisions are needed to allow accurate reduction of the fracture.

Facial fractures surgery Melbourne

Mr Morgan will discuss your options with you prior to your operation. It is important to have realistic expectations for your surgery. During your consultation Dr Morgan will explain expected results and the treatment needed to correct your fractures.