The rise of cosmetic medicine

May 17, 2019 | Cosmetic Surgery, Non-Surgical Procedures

Cosmetic procedures are now becoming more popular in Australia than in America.

According to a report released by the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery last year, Australians now spend more on cosmetic procedures than Americans. In fact, with around 500,000 cosmetic procedures performed per year in Australia, we have become the country with the most cosmetic treatments completed per capita.

Which treatments are the most popular?

According to the report published by the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery (ACCS), around 20,000 breast procedures were performed last year, as well as 30,000 liposuction treatments. The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA) also reported that non-surgical procedures are among the most popular cosmetic treatments in the country, followed closely by dermal fillers.

It’s clear from these figures that the taboo surrounding cosmetic surgery has diminished, and more and more people are embracing the advancements in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery to improve their appearances.

What are the trends?

Recent trends show that while cosmetic surgery is certainly on the rise, more and more people are looking for results that look natural. Many people opt for cosmetic treatments to make subtle improvements to the face and body, and want to appear refreshed and more youthful, without making dramatic changes to their natural features.

When it comes to breast augmentation, the focus is more on enhancing the fullness, projection, position and balance of the breasts than on mere enlargement. Choosing the right size implant is key, and the modern procedure effectively enhances the appearance of the breasts, as well as the overall proportions of the figure.

Similarly, liposuction helps to improve the figure in subtle, but effective ways. The silhouette is smoothed out, and problem areas like the abdomen, back, buttocks, chest, hips, love handles, upper arms, thighs, and neckline can all be dealt with.

Cosmetic injectables, such as non-surgical procedures and dermal fillers, when administered correctly, enhance the overall texture of the skin, and achieve a natural-looking, refreshed and more youthful appearance. They can be used in various areas of the face, and produce long-lasting results.

How to choose the right plastic surgeon

Unfortunately, one of the problems associated with the rise in popularity of cosmetic procedures is that many people seek treatment from inexperienced or unqualified practitioners. Particularly when it comes to injectables, there is the temptation to opt for lower prices, rather than choosing a medical professional with the relevant skills.

For the sake of your safety and comfort, it is important that you have your cosmetic procedures performed at a reputable medical practice. This will lower the risk of complications and ensure that you receive the treatment that is best for you.

When choosing your doctor, be sure to check that they are fully qualified and that they are a member of one the country’s plastic surgery boards or professional organisations, such as the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). You should also ask your doctor about their experience in performing the procedure that you are interested in and ensure that their aesthetic sense is in line with your personal goals and expectations.

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