Male breast reduction: discreet and commonly performed

Mar 30, 2015 | Body, Male Breast Reduction

Dr David Morgan is a discreet and experienced surgeon

If you feel like you have excess tissue on your chest, Dr David Morgan can help with a male breast reduction. While some of our patients are embarrassed about this condition, Dr David Morgan has performed this procedure many times and wishes to assure his patients that this is actually a very common condition that can affect a high number of men.

Why do some men have excess tissue existing on the chest?

While all men have a certain level of tissue beneath their nipples, in some occasions our patients can feel that this density is too high and that it gives the illusion of a developing male breast. This can occur as a result of hormonal changes during puberty and this concern is often resolved on its own. Despite this, sometimes this occurs in older men as a result of hormonal changes, genetics, weight changes, chronic diseases and some drugs. This development in the later years can lead to the need for male breast reduction surgery.

While many people refer to it as ‘male breasts’ the actual medical term for this condition is gynaecomastia. This condition can seem embarrassing for our patients, yet we see many cases of male breast growth and our discreet team is passionate about helping these people.

How is male breast tissue removed?

There are two different ways excess male breast tissue can be removed. These two methods include:

  • Liposuction

Liposuction can be used to remove the excess male tissue by suctioning the fat deposits out.

  • Surgical removal

In some cases, such as men who have long-standing gynaecomastia, surgery can be necessary in order to significantly reduce the appearance of male breast tissue.

  • Or a combination of both

Dr David Morgan will perform this procedure while you are under general aesthetic and it will usually not require an overnight stay in hospital.

Dr Morgan is highly experienced in the male breast reduction procedure

Dr David Morgan is a highly trained Specialist Plastic Surgeon who has worked with many cases of excess male breast tissue. Dr David Morgan will explain the surgery in detail with you so that you have a complete understanding of the procedure and realistic expectations of the outcome.

If you would like to learn more about male breast reductions please contact our friendly and discreet team in Brighton.